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Experienced Vendor?

Are there work requirements?

No. We work for you not the other way around.

What are the costs and fees?

We take a small percent of the sales to cover credit card fees and employee costs. Each store is uniquely setup for that location. Ask the store manager for details.

Does Painted Tree charge electric fees?

No. We encourage the use of lighting as it makes the store look better and increases sales.

How do you advertise?

We’ve partnered with an award winning national advertising agency to advertise on TV, digital, social media. You can see our commercials on HGTV, E!, TLC, DIY, Bravo, and Freeform as well as Hulu, Netflix and many others. We’ll let Caylie explain more in the video below.

How often do you post on Social Media?

Everyday! We have a full time social media staff member that makes daily posts and monitors the comments.

Are there times I can restock or make changes to my space without customers present?

Yes. Twice a month we stay open late just for vendors.

Do you have special events?

Yes. We have major events throughout the year like tent sales, sidewalk sales, Christmas Open House, Ladies Nights, and more.

Own a brick and mortar shop?

Ever feel stuck at your shop?

You started your own business because you are gifted, creative, and love your product. It’s your baby. But babies can be exhausting and expensive. Rent, insurance, water, gas, electric, security, internet, payroll, payroll tax, sales tax, business license fees, inspection fees, yearly legal fees, accounting fees the list goes on and on. Then the credit card machine stops working, the Point of Sale software crashes and your employees call in sick, all on the day you planned to take off. Soon rather than being excited to go to work, you feel like you are stuck there with no escape. At Painted Tree, you set up your shop and leave the rest to us. No bills. No payroll. No employees. We even pay sales tax for you! The best part is that you come in at your convenience to restock and spruce up your shop. Let Painted Tree introduce your business to thousands of new shoppers. Do what you love, and leave the rest to us.

Can I use Painted Tree as a second location?

Of course! We’ve had many stores open a second location at Painted Tree to sell their products without the headache and overhead of opening another brick and mortar location. Some stores rent a space mainly as a form of advertising their main location.

Sell online?

How does Painted Tree compare to selling online?

The online marketplace is filled with opportunities and challenges. Getting found online is hard enough, but some products sell better when a customer can see it, touch it, or try it on. Some products are simply to challenging to ship. Shipping merchandise always comes at a cost. It adds cost to the product which makes it less appealing to a shopper and it costs you time and energy wrapping, boxing and taking to the shipper. At Painted Tree, a shopper can see, touch, or try on your merchandise and choose to make a purchase without the added cost of shipping. Best of all, they get to take the product immediately and tell can tell their friends where to find it. Do what you love creating unique products that inspire others without the cost and headache of shipping.

Decorator / Designer?

Can I spread the word about my interior design and decorator services at Painted Tree?

We have many decorators and interior designers that use Painted Tree as an advertisement for their design business. What better way to see the look and feel of a designer than to walk into a space completely created by them! You may install signage and leave out business cards and brochures. If you let our staff know that it’s ok to give out your number, we will share your information with shoppers who come in asking if we can help them find a designer.

I'm Brand New!

How does all of this work?

Painted Tree is a creative community of shoppes. We choose a diverse group of quality shops to join our store. Each shop owner (often called a vendor) rents a portion of the store and makes it their own. The vendor is given a vendor id number that they put on their tags along with the cost and a brief description of the item. Customers are able to shop hundreds of small shops all under one roof. When they find an item they want to purchase, they take the item to the front register where our staff enters the vendor number, description and price into our Point of Sale system which gives that vendor credit for that item. Each vendor can login to see his/her daily sales. At the end of the month, Painted Tree cuts a check to the vendor for their total sales minus the next month’s rent and applicable fees. Vendors do not need to be present at the store to make sales. Just setup your space, tag your merchandise, and let us do the rest. You can open a new business and sell your products without the stress and expense of having your own brick and mortar store. You can open a shop AND keep your day job. We've even have had a few vendors who were so happy with how things were going, they quit their day job and became a full time vendor instead joining us in all of our locations across the south!

How much does it cost?

We charge a monthly rent for the space and a small commission on sales. These depend on which space you choose and which location you are interested in. Talk to the store manager for more information.

How long is a lease?

The initial lease is 12 months and without a termination it automatically renews to a rolling 6 month term ongoing.

How do I lease a space?

Fill out the vendor application. We’ll give you a call when space becomes available. Click here to fill out the application.

How does Painted Tree choose who comes into the store?

We look at all the applications we have on file and make a determination on who we feel would be the best fit for the specific space we have available. We take into account the size and location of the space, the quality and unique nature of the items for sale, the look of each shop, and the experience of the shop owner.

Sell at shows and pop up markets?

How does PT compare to selling in shows and pop up markets?

Before starting Painted Tree, we participated in shows all over the South. Pop Up Markets are a great way to reach a bunch of customers in a short amount of time. But the costs in time, energy, and travel can be exhausting and expensive. We’d spend a vacation day loading a trailer, then spend hundreds of dollars in gas pulling the trailer, then unload the trailer and set up in our space, before spending hundreds on food and a hotel to wake up and be stuck manning the booth all weekend in all sorts of weather, before packing it all in the trailer again and coming home to unload it all. At Painted Tree, you set up your space and then leave the rest to us. It’s that simple. Your customers can become repeat shoppers because they know where to find your merchandise. Over time, they spread the word to their friends and family who know where to find you.

Photographer or Home Improvement Contractor?

Can I use the space to advertise my work?

Yes, we have many photographers who rent space to advertise their talents. Thousands of people will walk by your space on a regular basis not only seeing your name, but the quality of your work. When they are ready for family portraits, wedding photography, or senior pictures, they know where to find you!

Can I use the space as a showroom for my home imporovement business?

Yes, we have many home improvement specialists who rent space as a showroom for their to advertise their services. Thousands of people will walk by your showroom on a regular basis not only seeing your name, but the quality of your work. When they are ready for a remodel or improvement, they know where to find you.