Welcome to Painted Tree Marketplace!


Your vendor ID can be found in the top right hand corner of your lease. It is important that you remember these steps as you prepare your price tags. Please display your vendor ID # in a clear and visible manor on your tags and hangers. You can use item numbers for your inventory or use a description. Our associates will type the information displayed on your tag into the system. The “#” symbol must be placed in front of the vendor ID exclusively as this is what distinguishes this number from the item number on the tag. If you are using item numbers, please spell out “item”.  Below is an example:

White photo frame 8x10
Item No. 00989

The Point of Sale system we use is Simple Consign by Traxia. An invite for this system will be sent to your email with instructions. Once you log in you will be able to access your “real time” sales information.


We are excited to see how you set up and design your shop! We encourage our shop owners to add lighting and any creative touches that you desire. When choosing paint colors, please contact your community coordinator in advance so they can approve the color that you wish to use. If you want to add flooring, or even a beautiful rug, we encourage that too. However, just make sure that there are grippers on anything that you lay on the floor to prevent slipping and bulking. Any floor that you may want to add cannot be permanently adhered, so keep that in mind when choosing the type of flooring that you may be interested in using.


Please check out the Vendor Login section in the top left hand corner of our website to see tips and tricks on creating your space, forms to run a sale, etc. The login password is paintedtree. There is helpful information in these videos for you.


Please feel free to contact the Community Coordinator if you have any questions!